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What is your name and role at Threat Protect?

Jonil Patel – CISO and Founder

What is the one piece of tech that you cannot live without?

Mobile phone!  Who can live without one?

What are you reading/watching at the moment?

First Man In, Leading by the Front by Ant Middleton.

What would be your ultimate three course meal?

Bodeans Diablo Chicken Wings for starters, followed by a Goodmans Steak with Chips and Mac and Cheese.  No Dessert, double down on Mac and Cheese!

What would be the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?

Fly everyone to Miami and have a massive party.

What do you remember most about your first job?

After years of being preached it as a youngster, that hard work does actually pay off.  I carried roof tiles up a ladder in the heat for a month so I could enjoy a week away with the boys in Spain.  Not only did I have some cash to flash, my arms were proper guns.

What is your dream holiday destination?

It has to be Australia (otherwise my business partner will kill me!).  But seriously I’d love to visit and see all the obvious things, animals and tourist sights but after to listening to stories for many years, I’d love to see the outback, wineries, beaches and eat all the seafood I could afford!  I would then go visit New Zealand (which would almost be my first choice) so I didn’t have to do the long distance flights again, I am not a fan of long flights.

If you had a career change, what would you do and why?

I love being an entrepreneur and business owner, the challenges, the people you meet along the way and the rewards of learning something every day.  Being an business owner is definitely the same as having multiple careers all at one time, most days I have no idea what’s going to land on my desk, I cant imagine being anything else.

What annoys you most?

The washing machine beeping more than once!

What is the mantra that you live by?

Wake up, hustle, repeat.

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Copyright © 2020 Threat Protect. All rights reserved.