Cloud Insights


Cloud Insights

By partnering with Threat Protect for your cloud computing , we can provide you with access to our Cloud Insights Platform, powered by CloudCheckr. The platform is a robust and scalable cloud management software that provides full visibility and insights, enabling you to immediately uncover cost savings of up to 30%.

Additionally, CloudCheckr’s 600+ proactive best practice checks go further to ensure your cloud infrastructure is secure and helps you to benchmark against 35 regulatory standards, including NIST, COBIT, HIPAA, ITIL, ISO, CIS, PCI DSS.

What are the Benefits Of Cloud Insights?

Our Cloud Insights Platform helps you to grow and scale your business. Here's how:

Ease of Use

Quickly and securely host your applications, either existing or new SaaS-based services


Select the operating system, web application platform, database, and other services that meet your needs


Only pay for the compute power, storage, and other resources that you use and not a penny more


Your application can be scaled up or down based on demand with access to resources as and when you need them


AWS has grown for over a decade, providing secure global computing infrastructure to some of the world’s largest organisations


Utilise our security-first, consultative approach alongside AWS’s end-to-end approach to securing its infrastructure

Maintain compliance and benchmark against 35 regulatory standards, including:


Well-Architected Review

By partnering with Threat Protect for your cloud computing, you will have the additional benefit of the AWS Well-Architected Review Framework (WAR).

WAR helps to build the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure possible for your applications. By providing a consistent approach to evaluating your network, WAR enables you to establish operational excellence within your organisation.

The WAR Framework is based on five key pillars:

Operational Excellence

Seeking key business and customer insights to gain a better understanding of the possible risks, changes, and goals that drive day-to-day business operations


Protecting business-critical and sensitive data, systems, and assets at all times, allowing you to take advantage of cloud technologies


Operating and testing the ability to manage the required workload consistently, as and when it is expected to throughout the lifecycle

Performance Efficiency

Ensuring that computing resources are effectively able to meet system requirements and demand as requirements and technologies evolve


Helping to deliver optimum results, ensuring that your organisation is able to run business processes securely and efficiently at the lowest price point possible

What is
Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is world’s most comprehensive and broadly adpoted cloud platform with over 200 fully featured services from global data centers.

AWS offers a broad set of global, cloud-based products, including compute power, storage, databases, analytics, mobile, developer tools, security, content delivery, and enterprise applications to help organisations move faster, lower overall IT costs, and scale.

From fast-growing start-ups to large scale enterprises, millions of organisations have utilised the power of AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

What is
Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform that provides a range of cloud services, including compute, analytics, storage and networking. The services can be used as much or as little as required to develop and scale new applications, or run existing applications in the public cloud.

The tools available help organisations across all industries to manage challenges and meet their organisational and business goals and users are provided with flexibility to use their preferred tools and technologies. Within Azure, 4 different forms of cloud computing are available: Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Software-as-a-service (SaaS, and Serverless).

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