Though businesses in every conceivable niche are now handling large volumes of data, different industries hold different kinds of information and require different approaches to their security. With solutions tailored to different sectors, you can be sure that resources are being spent in the areas that need to be prioritised.

Blockchain Industry

ICOs are a blossoming way to raise capital for starting or expanding a business. However, your ICO must comply with the relevant money laundering laws, such blocking certain locations, and minimise the risk of conventional cyber attacks. With such a young platform, the attention from cyber criminals is huge, so make sure that your business is well-equipped as it moves forward. Threat Protect can give you all the resources you need to know where your contributors originate from, block the ones you don’t want, and keep your business in-line with the relevant regulations.


Businesses in the finance sector, for obvious reasons, are constantly at risk of cyber security threats. Though financial companies tend to invest more in security than other verticals, cyber crime tactics are constantly being developed to get around pre-existing barriers. Solutions from Threat Protect can help you in making sure your company stays one step ahead of the current risk climate. We offer an extensive and flexible range of solutions for financial services firms looking to protect their whole infrastructure, comply with regulations such as PCI DSS, and maintain their good name with customers.

Mid-Sized Companies

Keep a close eye on the events occurring within your network, and analyse them for the signs of potential policy violation, breaches, or threats to your security protocol. This will allow you to maintain security across all the access points of your network, all the while ensuring they’re open to customers and trusted users.


With the highly sensitive nature of legal work, not to mention unique time restraints, cyber criminals have often been known to use ransomware to capture confidential data, and hold it hostage for their own financial gain. Threat Protect’s legal solutions offer you and your clients peace of mind, with real-time threat management that will allow you to keep on working free of disruptions if your environment is ever infected. Our prevention methods will stop the most sophisticated ransomware from encrypting your data, all the while providing valuable information on the kind of threat activity targeting it.


More and more, modern crime syndicates are targeting retail businesses to reap valuable data. Though payment card breaches are the cyber crimes that make the headlines, many hackers set their sights on back office systems, such as HR and payroll to gain access to the business’s financial accounts. Identity theft against your employees is also a concern. Threat Protect can assist retailers, regardless of size or specialty, in becoming more streamlined with their compliance and tightening their protection of sensitive information. Whether you’re looking to maximise efficiency in the way of compliance, lock down sensitive data, or implement new tech initiatives to get ahead of the competition, we can offer a solution that suits your retail business perfectly.


The pharmaceutical industry is fiercely competitive, and a huge array of cyber criminals stand to benefit from it. Pharmaceutical firms create and manage massive amounts of intellectual property, much of it relating to patented medicines that are still in development. With this exceptionally valuable data passing through your IT infrastructure, you need a cyber security solution you can rely on. Threat Protect has a keen understanding of the importance of intellectual property in pharmaceutical companies, and the kinds of threats it faces on a daily basis. We’re able to offer comprehensive solutions for threat prevention, repairing vulnerabilities, and compliance.

Healthcare and Dental

More and more, private healthcare and dental companies in the UK and around the world are handling sensitive patient information. This can range from names and addresses to diagnoses and prescriptions, but all of it needs to be protected by law. With more and more healthcare workers using private devices for work, commoditization of payment card details, and other factors, it’s never been more important for healthcare and dental businesses to maintain reliable cyber security. Threat Protect offers a wide-ranging and flexible portfolio of solutions for organisations in the healthcare niche that are concerned about their infrastructure, data, networks, and users.


With so much in manufacturing dependent on automation, companies in the secondary sector need to be acutely aware of the cybersecurity risks they’re up against. Hackers are now able to offset robotic machinery with relative ease, causing major disruptions to outputs, and causing defective products to reach customers. These can lead to a major blow to your professional reputation in the best of cases, and accidental injuries or death in the worst. Aside from this, manufacturing firms face all universal security risks faced by other businesses, such as unauthorised access to financial accounts and customer data. Choose Threat Protect for a catch-all solution to your cybersecurity needs, and greater control over your valuable intellectual property.


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