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With more approaches to data handling than ever before, it can be hard to determine the best course of action when protecting your information systems. Our tailored cybersecurity solutions offer protection for on-premise and hybrid data systems, as well as packages for the most popular cloud platforms, ensuring you can achieve the correct approach to the correct data environment.

On-premise Security

Though on-premise security was once the standard approach to addressing cybersecurity threats, it’s become outdated for a lot of industries with the advent of the cloud. As the standards of public cloud security have become higher, and its range of benefits has grown, more and more companies are migrating their security to a cloud solution to avoid the high cost of managing an on-premise solution. Whether you’re looking to migrate to the cloud smoothly, or align your on-premise security with the requirements of the modern day, Threat Protect can offer you all the support and advice you need.

Hybrid Cloud Security

Every organisational environment is different, and though security principles are fairly universal, the approach to it in constantly-evolving infrastructures needs to be dynamic. Threat Protect’s hybrid cloud security solution delivers an eclectic blend of threat defences, that have been designed to protect digital, physical, and cloud workloads. This will give you detailed visibility across the different environments your business relies on, and dependable security management resources, ensuring airtight defences for your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

AWS Security

For the large part, best practices for AWS configuration isn’t rocket science. However, with deployments moving so quickly, essential principles can be easy to miss among all the other things you have on your plate. AWS security solutions from Threat Protect can effectively assess the standing configuration of your accounts, services, policies, and workloads to pin down deviations from established best practice, and in turn recommend and execute remediation. This will allow you to make use of all the valuable functions of your cloud platform, and put any security worries to bed.

Microsoft Azure Security

When trying to secure the workloads you’re running via Microsoft Azure, you’ll have a long list of important decisions to make. The Microsoft Azure security solutions from Threat Protect simplifies the issue, and helps you carry on utilising the platform without fear of a breach. We can offer fantastic visibility into the security of your Azure-based workloads, assistance in planning out the security of all your workloads, and a straightforward, professional approach to address any compliance requirements.

Google Cloud Security

The way you decide to provide security for the workloads you run through Google Cloud can have a profound impact on your business data’s immediate and future security. Threat Protect can provide an excellent security solution for professional cloud environments such as yours. Whether you’re just finding your feet on Google Cloud, or already have a number of workloads that need extra layers of protection, we can apply our resources and expertise to assist you in securing your data, and effectively manage threats as you expand your use of the cloud.


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