To ensure comprehensive cybersecurity, you need to have a clear idea of where your business’s vulnerabilities lie, and a detailed plan for patching over them.

Determine your weak spots with professional scanning and testing, then use firewalls and vulnerability management services to eliminate the risk of a breach

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Deep scanning and testing of your IT infrastructure, and follow-up services to ensure your vulnerabilities don’t let threats through in the future

Vulnerability Scanning

Cybersecurity isn’t a simple issue, and even business leaders with a background in IT can have a hard time identifying their company’s biggest weaknesses, and what they could mean for the organisation’s long-term success and professional reputation. Threat Protect’s powerful vulnerability scanning service can simplify this issue. We’re able to thoroughly and efficiently test any processes, ports, and firewall policies for vulnerabilities, then offer the best solution for you to prevent damaging attacks, and minimise the risk of costly data loss and downtime. We understand that every business is different, and can swiftly determine which areas need the most attention, setting up dependable barriers against the most glaring threats facing your industry.

Network Scanning

Modern organisations are constantly updating their network systems, giving new users access, and installing new applications. Because no networks ever sit still, scanning your network shouldn’t be an occasional event, rather a regular, ongoing activity, so that every change is fully accounted for on the security front. Threat Protect’s network scanning service offers organisations an easy way of identifying, analysing, and addressing vulnerabilities in their infrastructure, while setting up reliable defences for their most significant assets. With regular, exhaustive scanning and detailed reports on our findings, you can gain exceedingly useful insights into the threats facing your company, and the steps necessary to nip them in the bud.

Application Scanning

You can’t manage risk if you don’t have an effective method of measuring it. Today, one of the fastest-growing commercial risk categories is application vulnerability. A huge proportion of modern cyber attacks now target a company’s application layer, targeting thousands of known vulnerabilities. Through our accurate and efficient application scanning services, you can automate the process of detecting application vulnerabilities, prioritise them, and then implement best practice to repair them and keep out threats. With your apps being an integral tool for your customers or staff, this service could mean all the difference to your continued business success.

Database and Big Data Scanning

Databases serving businesses from a wide range of niches are an attractive prospect for cyber criminals, and many businesses come up short when trying to protect these integral banks of customer details and intellectual property. Using Threat Protect’s comprehensive database and big data scanning, you can instantly pin down identification errors, problems with your identification and access control, absent patches, or any combination of other harmful settings that have the potential to become DoS or EoP attacks, leakage, or malicious data modification.

Security Testing

A big reason for weak spots in many business’s security infrastructure is overreliance on guesswork and assumptions. Security testing from Threat Protect eliminates half-baked accuracy, painting a clear picture of your vulnerabilities, and detailing the consequences of attacks and exploitation. Your security admins need to know exactly what they’re tasked with protecting, and use this information to carry out effective risk management actions and intelligent investments in new technology. With comprehensive security testing, your business can identify key network-based assets, learn what makes these assets vulnerable, and gain a keen understanding of the worst-case scenario should those assets be compromised.

Web Application Firewall

Because ecommerce web applications handle valuable payment card and identity details, they’ve become a popular target for hackers. This, combined with the fact that a huge proportion of applications contain at least one security vulnerability, has stirred many business owners into a more proactive approach to applications security. Using Threat Protect’s web application firewall service, you can quickly establish and update a defensive applications firewall policy, blocking attacks, monitoring your apps for threats and performance, and keep on top of important compliance requirements such as PCI DSS.

Vulnerability Management

With all the databases, systems, and applications on the average modern business’s network, it can be hard to keep tabs on it all. Threat Protect’s vulnerability management service makes it easy to keep track of these elements and the vulnerabilities putting them at risk, throughout the course of their lifecycle and evolution. Using a simple, user-friendly platform, Threat Protect’s vulnerability management service gives you control over a prioritised list of vulnerabilities, understanding the best way to patch them up, and draft reports itemising and verifying your reparative process. This invaluable insight will allow you to ensure compliance and present comprehensive reports for audits, gain greater understanding of your network and IT inventory, scan continually for real-time information, and most of all, keep your business’s assets protected from today’s most dangerous cybersecurity threats.


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