As cybersecurity threats have grown more numerous and sophisticated over the years, the security market has become impractical to navigate. As a business owner, you may feel that you spend hours researching different companies, drafting a shortlist, reviewing free trials and sitting through demos just to find the right solution for your business.

Alternatively, you can bypass all this hassle and engage Threat Protect.


We aim to give business owners a single, trusted resource for all their cyber security and managed security services needs. Instead of going along with the traditional model of a customer-business relationship, Threat Protect takes the time to partner with businesses, and work with them to set up tighter security boundaries and controls, protect their important data, and minimise the risk of security breaches in the future.

Our customers come from a wide range of industries and commercial niches, but they’re all united in regarding their digital information with the utmost importance, and their desire for professional, knowledgeable assistance in protecting those systems that make their businesses tick. When you choose us, you can rest assured that we’ll take a bespoke, results-driven approach to all your cyber security needs.


Threat Protect has big plans for expansion on the horizon, and this is reflected in our company culture. All our staff are regularly challenged to help in our drive to be one of the most widely respected and trusted cyber security companies on the market.

Beyond merely looking for candidates with the right skills and experience for the job, we strive towards a culture that’s conducive to our revolutionary vision for the relationship between cyber security firms and their customers. New employees have the opportunity not only to be a part of this vision, but to work alongside some of the brightest minds in modern cyber security.


Threat Protect has started making waves in the modern cyber security market through inverting business conventions, and focusing on customer relationships. Rather than investing all our resources in partnering with vendors, we at Threat Protect form partnerships with our customers.

We know that the world of cyber security isn’t static and that a good solution has to be flexible enough to address the ever-changing needs of customers. We aim to build firm, lasting relationships with our partners, where every emerging requirement is thoroughly assessed and documented, allowing our consultants to scour the market and hone in on the right service or solution.


If you want to ensure your business’s important data stays safe through dependable cyber security or managed security services, get in touch today. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you with further information, organising demonstrations or meetings, and anything else we can assist you with.

Rather than leaning on template packages, we offer all our clients a bespoke, results-driven approach to cyber security, whatever their needs may be. Furthermore, Threat Protect sets aside time and resources to form close, professional relationships with our partners, ensuring our service keeps on giving for years after the initial deal.


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